Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What a wicked few weeks

Sold-out shows put a different kind of (good) stress on our organization.

As we breathe deeply after three Wicked weeks, it's pretty impressive what we managed to do.

We had nearly 60,000 people come through our doors to see Wicked, and that wasn't even the only thing we had going on. Classes at the Patel Conservatory, business meetings here during the day, Nine Parts of Desire, Cigar City Chronicles, Altan, Catie Curtis, Ladysmith Black Mambazo ... We certainly stay busy. In that time our marketing department staff alone executed marketing campaigns, met groups coming on buses, conducted lotteries before every performancee, provided customer service advisories, handled a mountain of special requests and liased with the media on a daily basis.

And, of course, the success of the show wasn’t just on us in our area. The entire TBPAC staff played a part. For Wicked we fed over 7,000 people a full meal in our three on-site restaurants: Maestro's, Maestro's on the River and Maestro's Cafe. We valeted roughly 5,000 cars. That's just the beginning, we could dig real deep into this and find out how many rolls of TP we went through, or how many patrons walked up 5 minutes before curtain angrily miffed that they couldn't just buy front row tickets.

It's important to note that the hard work isn't over when we book a show, even a great one like Wicked that we knew would be a sure-thing. The shows aren't the only stars who work in this building, we have a great staff, too!


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