Monday, March 12, 2007

Bright Eyes on sale Saturday at noon!

Indie/rock/folk/emo/pop/somebody-needs-to-agree-on-a-genre-of-this-band Bright Eyes is coming Wed., May 16 to Carol Morsani Hall! Tickets go on sale this Saturday (March 17) at noon by either calling 813.229.STAR or logging on to TBPAC.ORG. Set a reminder timer, because these tickets are not going to last!

Bright Eyes played Tampa Theatre not too long ago and sold it out. I was baffled when my wife and I walked by and saw dozens and dozens of crying waify girls standing outside who couldn't get tickets. (We didn't even know the show was on that night, and thought maybe someone in there had died) There just seemed to be a lot of crying going on in general. I have a friend who works there, who we could plainly see in the lobby. When we waved as we walked by we were instantly accosted by security who told us we weren't getting in there no matter who we knew.

Oookay ...

A friend here was quick to comment after we booked the show and I described them to the staff as emo that Conor Oberst really isn't emo, and that it's an unfair label. I was instantly reminded of how Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters of Mercy adamantly denied he was a goth or that the Sisters were a goth band, still doesn't mean that 90% of his fans weren't ...

Anyway, the whole thing ended by a third the marketing staff sending funny pictures of emo kids. I can't share a lot of them here or I would. You're smart people, you can figure out how to find your own.

Also ... I should be announcing another big-time rock act later this week that also goes on sale Saturday. I just can't say today.

I've had a few folks I deal with ask me if we're "going to start booking rock shows" now. We've always booked rock shows, it's just sometimes few and far between when rock bands tour halls like ours. I'm still very, very sad that we could never make it onto the Foo Fighters Skin and Bones acoustic tour they were on. I think Morsani Hall would have been a killer place to see that show.


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