Friday, March 16, 2007

Enter to win Hal Sparks tickets!

We're running a contest jointly through both CULTURE SHOCK and MySpace for the upcoming Hal Sparks show next week (3/22).

We're going to make this one easy on you. And you have 10 chances to win.

You remember that series of shows Hal did on VH-1, right? I Love the '70s, I Love the '80s and I Love the '90s?

All you need to do is post your favorite child/teen memory from that era that was very, very decade specific.

For instance, tell us about those nehru bell-bottoms you saved up for back in the '70s or the time you made out with your first girlfried to Nevermind in the back of your CRX.

If you haven't noticed, we've been begging for some comments, some conversation over here. I even got a promotion approved to try to help!

And while you're at it, check out the post I did full of Hal Sparks video clips. There's also one of him up on our MySpace page. He's a very funny guy!

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