Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stand-up comedy 'final' for Patel Conservatory course

See the below email from "ranney" - local actor, author, director and teacher. I've seen his solo act, as well as las year's class final. It's all worth checking out. C'mon, it's only $5, and what else are you doing on a Mondya night?

Come and see the latest class of stand-up comedy grads do their thing. They've been working hard the last 10 weeks (ten weeks of abuse from me; you should come and hand them medals for that alone), and this is a really funny group of ladies and gentlemen.
I'll spoil the suspense now: you will be offended by someone. If I've done a half decent job, we all will be offended by the end of the evening. Lighten up and come take a few punchlines. This is the most diverse group I've had and they need your support.

SOAPBOX MOMENT: Not everywhere, but many places treat stand-up comedy like a bastard artform and then, all of a sudden, everybody wants a comedian to host, sell products, spice up their speeches, etc. I've heard countless performing artist say "It takes such guts! I could never do that." But then they never come out and support comedy (If it doesn't apply, let it fly). Look, this an always evolving artform. Many a comedian is creating - in collaboration with you, the audience - their work right in front of you with the pressure of making a room full of strangers of different backgrounds and personalities laugh. It is ironically helpful when that audience is sizeable and loud (with laughter).

Come, bring some peeps, and send some peeps.

And hey, join us for some drinks at The Hub afterwards!
be well and tranquil.



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