Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gil's triumphant tour

We wrote recently about Brazilian Gilberto Gil's upcoming appearance in Austin at the South by Southwest festival. Now, he's ready to take on New York City, before he comes to Tampa and the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center on March 31.

From all appearances, it should be a relatively easy takeover.

Sunday's New York Times gave him a rave preview of his scheduled concert at Radio City Music Hall.

"At various moments in his career, Gilberto Gil put forth some of the last century's great pop records. ... Happily, his latest record to be released here, "Gil Luminoso," can be listed among those. ... Underneath his records has always been this: a brilliant small-scale singer-songwriter with guitar. Do your best to see Mr. Gil. ... He seldom plays here ... and few performers are better at radiating genenosity."

Gil also spent some time recently with National Public Radio.

Check it out, here.

Now I'm really looking forward to his concert here. MichaelK/TBPAC

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