Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spellers, your word is improv

In live theater, almost anything can happen. And when it does, frequently you have to improvise.

Last night I learned the improv history behind the "Putnam County Spelling Bee" school cheer.

If you've seen the touring show, you'll probably remember that "Rona Lisa Peretti" starts the show by teaching the audience a little school cheer. It's rather amusing and gets the audience involved.

Well, apparently this bit was added shortly after their stop in Baltimore. While in the middle of the show, the audio board (which controls everyone's mics) crashed.

Since the board is run by a computer, "Rona Lisa" was told she needed to fill about seven to 10 minutes while the computer rebooted.

That's an eternity on stage. But, being a pro, and because of the nature of the show, she decided to interact with the audience and teach them a little school cheer.

Soon after, the cheer was incorporated into the touring production!

And now you know. -- AngelaL/TBPAC

And check out cast members of "Spelling Bee" on this morning’s Studio 10.

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