Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Up and away into the wild blue yonder

We have been chronicling the entire production process for The March of the Kitefliers over at Jobsite's blog - Blogsite Theater.

We're running an entire series of artist profiles on everyone who is giving this show life, we're posting pictures of the progress of the set, we're doing a weekly podcast series, giving behind-the-scenes looks on what it's like getting a new play into a national spotlight and a lot more. Check it out if any of that interests you.

We're very hopeful this is just the beginning for this play, which had an unprecedented run originally in 2005. Since then, the script's been tweaked and every element of production re-evaluated and now we're trying to get it in front of eyes outside our area. The show is being shopped to several other regional companies, and we even have some very special producers from NY coming down to take a look at it. It's an exciting time.


DISCLOSURE: I am producing artistic director of Jobsite Theater as well as a principle actor in the cast. Still doesn't mean the show won't rock your socks off. ;)

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