Thursday, May 08, 2008

TBPAC loves Dilbert (well, at least I do)

I had the unfortunate adventure of finding a termite in my house this weekend. Turns out I don't have termites (phew), but the termite guy asked me "Where do you work?"

Now EVERY time I get this question and I answer "the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center," I get the same response.

"That sounds so cool!"

When it comes down to it, I work in an office like any other office any place in America. Therefore, I love Dilbert. I read Dilbert daily. I've subscribed to Dilbert through an RSS feed. Because I can relate to Dilbert. As can most people here I suspect. You can walk around the offices here and most likely will find Dilbert comics pasted to doors, hanging on cubicle walls, they're everywhere.

So, come read Culture Shock and get your Daily Dilbert at the same time. We're embedding a Dilbert widget for you. Have fun.

(By the way, SOMETIMES it really is cool.)


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