Thursday, May 01, 2008

Liva is loving us from Latvia

In an blog last week, Kari offered up a pair of Tosca tickets for answering a trivia question. We got our winner, Liva, but it would been a heck of a trip for her to come all the way to us. See Liva's lovely and interesting response:

Well, I see Tampa is in Florida, USA, it's very far away. I don't have any friend there, I have a few pen-friends in New York, they are my only live connection with United States.

We have a beautiful big opera house, called LNO (Latvian National Opera) in the capital of Latvia, in Riga. Actually, since I became a fan of Pavarotti (about 3 years ago) I immediately fall in love with Puccini's operas, I started to love opera generally. I love Pavarotti's voice, this amazing tenor introduced me to opera deeper, he taught me to listen to it as something very beautiful. I graduated music school two years ago, I'm a pianist, and they taught us about opera, but at that time I didn't take any notice. So now I've really fallen for opera. Love it very much, I go to see opera about once a month.

I have the "google alert" on Luciano Pavarotti's name, and I received an google alert in which I found your blog about Florez (I receive a lot of them since Florez hit those 18 high C's), there was your question about Tosca and Pavarotti and I answered it just for a lark, I new I won't be able to go to that show, because it's a loooong flight to Florida from here, I just couldn't make it.

Honestly, it was the first time I read about you.

Tell me more!

Nifty - We have a new friend! We hope you keep coming back, Liva, we could use a few more knowledgeable opera buffs on this blog.



Liva said...

Wow, you didn't have to write a whole blog just about me and my response! :)

But I'm sure you need some more fanatics here, I hope to hear from you too (including something about opera).

It's a pity that nobody didn't give an answer to your trivia question, because they missed a really good show. As for myself - of course I would love to go, it's a shame I don't live in Florida.. here in Latvia they don't give us free tickets so easily. :)

P.S. You should have added one more word to labels - Pavarotti of course! ;)

David J. said...

Tag added, Liva - thanks for reading!