Thursday, May 01, 2008

Commenting is now fully open

We've changed our philosophy here at CULTURE SHOCK. Well, we've not really changed it so much as accepted reality - people don't want to go through a 4-step process to leave us feedback. They may want to leave it anonymously.

So we've reacted, and now you can comment to your hearts desire! We just ask that people keep it civil and clean. We're also asking for you to do one of those little boxes where you type in the letters and numbers you see so you can prove you're a live human being and no a spambot just trying to junk up the place.

We really want more of a two-way conversation on this blog, so we hope you decide to join in!



Flying Squirrel said...

woo-hoo! posting free-for-all!! everybody post! right guys?!?!?!


is anybody here?




David J. said...

blah blah blah! wooty woo!

Tampa Ashley said...

Hey - Went to Lion King last night.
What was up with the sound system?

David J. said...

Tampa Ashley - can you be more specific? And where were you seated?