Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forever Plaid - coming soon!

Forever Plaid is on sale now, and sure to be a sell-out smash-hit. The Jaeb Theater has always been in a way "the house that Plaid built," so whether it's your first or your tenth time this show is guaranteed to be a huge amount of fun.

Trivia: Forever Plaid was the first show I saw in the Jaeb Theater and my first show as an audience member at TBPAC after I started college at USF. That production would be the first of many incarnations of Forever Plaid. This year's cast is ALL NEW!


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Mike Indeglio said...

hey there...
i'm coming down to do Sparky in Forever Plaid at the Jaeb. Been keeping up with your blog...and wanted to pass along a hello!

So Hello!

See ya'll real soon.