Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boy that hyena can sing!

The Lion King company member Jayne Trinette (she plays Shenzi the hyena) stepped out from underneath her costume and from behind her mask to belt out the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday, May 12. Looking glamorous in her stylish outfit (and her requisite Lion King t-shirt), Trinette marched past home plate and onto the infield at Tropicana Field to deliver a stunning rendition of our national anthem. Husband Bryan was down on the field with Jayne, camcorder in hand, beaming with pride.

The large crowd at the game (thanks to the Rays current winning ways -- and their popular opponents the Yankees) gave her a mighty cheer for a job well done. And all the way back up to her seat in the stands, game-goers shouts could be heard: “Way to go,” “What a voice,” “Great job,” “You were amazing.” And she was.

Jayne BP


By the way, the Rays trounced the Yankees 7 to 1 leaving them just a half game behind in the American League East.

They must have been inspired by that “Star-Spangled Banner!”

- Paul B.


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