Thursday, April 13, 2006

A nice note from a happy customer

In our Me First/Gimme society I don't typically see a lot of gratitude floating around. We do a lot of contests with the media and third party partners for tickets (which I'm sure you're familiar with if you listen to local radio) and I always find myself surprised when someone takes the time to write us a thank-you letter. Too many times, I've seen the exact opposite: winners complaining about seat locations, they wanted a better prize or want more special preferential treatment etc.

I got a lovely note today from a patron who won tickets to see I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change in our Jaeb Theater and I wanted to share it.

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon in Tampa. Winning the tickets to [the show] allowed me to get reaquainted with [TBPAC] after several years' absence and to realize just how accessible it is for driving from St. Petersburg.

Our seats provided a very good vantage point, and we enjoyed the table seating. The show was so clever, the performers were just marvelous in their many various roles, and the pianist was pretty terrific too.

My guest and I had a thoroughly delightful time. And I will not hesitate to venture to Tampa/TBPAC in the near future.

Thanks again.

C. C. (name withheld)

Who says the art of the thank-you letter is dead? Thank YOU, C. C., for giving us another chance.

- David J.

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