Tuesday, November 01, 2005

26, female, enjoys James Taylor and opera!

Most of my friends would agree that I’m not your typical 26 year-old. I don’t like the club scene, I’m the only person under the age of 40 that saw James Taylor in concert and I have a retirement account (albeit a small one). But perhaps nothing makes that statement truer than my enjoyment of classical music and opera. I know ... you’re giving me one of those confused/puzzled looks, aren’t you? Most of my friends don’t understand why either and my explanation doesn’t seem to persuade them to the contrary, but I know there are more of us out there!

Just as I started to think that opera was dying a slow death in this “bubblegum pop” world we live in (be honest, is Britney Spears really doing the world of music any favors?), I received an email from the director of the upcoming Opera Tampa production of Carmen. She was briefly telling me about the wonderful woman playing the title role… an accomplished soprano at the age of 27! WHOO HOO!!! Yes, there are plenty of amazing sopranos out there, but not many this young. But the question is, can she sing?

I did a little research on our soprano, Cristina Nassif, and at the age of 27 she’s apparently already been scouted by legendary tenor, Plácido Domingo, to sing with the Los Angeles Opera. What, you might ask, would make the opera world sit up and notice her? After a bit more research, I came across reviews of her recent debut as Violetta in Virginia Opera’s production of La Traviata. I think The Washington Times summed it up best, “Her luscious, well-supported vocal gifts bloomed magnificently, swiftly transforming her into a Violetta to remember with love and admiration ... With these performances, the gifted Miss Nassif – only in her late 20s – could be on the threshold of a truly brilliant career.”

Hopefully Cristina’s debut with Opera Tampa will produce equally amazing results. And, Cristina, a thanks in advance for helping to show today’s 20-somethings that opera isn’t just for our grandparents!

-Angela B.

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