Thursday, November 03, 2005

Movin' Out ... and hitting the road?

The first time I saw Movin' Out was in St. Louis. I admit, I was a little skeptical about it being just another dance show, but I like the music of Billy Joel and agreed to go. Walking out of the theater that night I was feeling totally different. No longer was I skeptical, I was completely impressed, amazed, and blown away by the athleticism and skill of these dancers that I could hardly wait to get back to my hotel room to call and tell my friends about the show I'd just seen. Needless to say, I saw Movin' Out again when it played in Tampa to a sold out house this past January, and dragged everyone I know to see it with me.

I just logged on to the Movin' Out web page to confirm they've got Tampa on their tour schedule and to my disbelief there it was, in big black letters: "On December 11, 2005, after more than 1,300 performances, Movin' Out will play its final Broadway performance." Looks like Movin' Out is finally movin' off Broadway for good. After Dec. 11, the only chance to see this groundbreaking Broadway musical is on the road. you think they'll start re-running the moving truck national commercials from last year? Seems appropriate.

- Heather M.

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