Monday, November 21, 2005

1 Degree of Kevin Bacon

It's a bit of a shame that The Bacon Brothers didn't sell more tickets to last week's show at TBPAC, but it seems like those who came really, really enjoyed themselves.

I worked the meet and greet/sound check party before the concert, where we had about 28 very excited winners. I'm always amazed by what goes down at things like this. First, there's always those few folks who want even more. They'll find a way to complain about their seats (which were FREE!) or how they'd rather have gotten this perk or that. I think some of that might be people just pressing their luck and seeing how far they can go before they're told no.

I also counted a few women who allowed their hands to migrate south when posing for a photo with Kevin. That was actually pretty appalling.

Perhaps the cutest thing that happened was watching two girls in their late teens titter their way to the front of the line to eventually present Kevin with a CD of Footloose for him to autograph. Even Kevin seemed tickled by that.

I've seen a lot of these kinds of events over the years, and there's no real wonder why a lot of people inside the industry refer to them as "Meet and Creeps." It's amazing sometimes what people consider as acceptable behavior.

Anyway, Kevin used our silver Sharpie to sign things with, and after the show we helped him around backstage and stopped him from making a big mistake as he headed for the stage door to go outside and make a phone call - where he would have no doubt been swarmed. Instead, we pointed him to the area on the loading dock that actually gets reception in a building otherwise a giant dead zone. I am now 1 degree of Kevin Bacon. Cool. ;)

Everyone probably has their favorite Bacon movie - but I have to go all old school and offer up his smooshed-into-the-cement bit towards the end of Animal House.

"All is well! All is well!"

I hope I look that good at his age. I just don't think he's aged in over a decade ...

- David J.

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Angela B. said...

I'm proud to say that I'm the owner of said silver Sharpie :)