Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This has got to be paying the bills

The highly popular musical phenomenon RENT is headed for the big screen. They even have custom soundtracks that you can pick up with covers featuring your favorite character.

The movie will feature many of the original castmembers including Jesse L. Martin (Law and Order), Taye Diggs (Kevin Hill, Ally McBeal) and Anthony Rapp (A Beautiful Mind). Looks like it won't be a straight translation from stage to screen as it appears some songs have been cut and dialogue has been added.

A bit of trivia ... Did you know RENT was based off of Puccini's masterpiece La Boheme? RENT is classified as a rock opera (though the film will not be since it's going to have dialogue), but I might take personal exception with the soundtrack's claim of being "rock 'n roll." Foo Fighters it's not ...

Director Chris Columbus (who is probably best known as the director of the first two Harry Potter films and still works on that franchise as a producer) has also commented that he's adding a bit on gay marriage to the story. He says "I could be shooting myself in the foot in terms of box office, I don’t care. I really believe strongly in this material.”

When asked about the merciless spoof of RENT, called LEASE, that appears in the film Team America (from the creators of South Park), he did a very good job of dodging the questions without giving a completely canned response. You can read the full interview at About.com.

Another bit of trivia ... Did you know Chris Columbus was also a screenwriter for Gremlins?

The film's website also has a blog, with many entries from all involved on the project.

This looks to be a pretty major film event. If the film version of CHICAGO taught us anything, this release could not only do well on its own, but breathe a whole new life into the stage version which is still on tour. Keep an eye out, it might even be back on it's way to Tampa sometime soon. I don't know anything, I'm just guessing.

- David J.


L. Day said...

Also, Idina Menzel is reprising her role as Maureen in the movie. For those who don't know, Idina Menzel won the Best Actress Tony for her role in WICKED. And she is married to Taye Diggs (another RENT cast member), who she met during the original Broadway run of RENT.

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