Monday, October 31, 2005

An illuminating Light

I spent a great 70 minutes in the theater last night with Beijing Modern Dance Company's Rear Light. The videotape I watched was a very poor facsimile of the live experience. I really wanted to find thier management and beg them to do a clean DV camera shoot of the show and take some performance digital stills to help them better sell the show here in the US.

I am not usually the biggest fan of modern dance, but the Pink Floyd and chinese connections really interested me. I was amazed at the precision, the athleticism and the grace of those dancers. Modern dance often comes across the same as improvised jazz to me (something else I'm not typically fond of) - just a little too loose and unfocused.

I can't say that at all about Rear Light. What a great story they told last night. What a great opportunity for Tampa. I was glad to see the house about half full, but this will be one I am telling folks for years to come that they really missed out on.

If anyone is interested, here is a review that printed in today's Tribune:

And now I get to look forward to opening night of One Man Star Wars Trilogy tomorrow. Time to dust off the light saber ...

Happy Halloween, folks. Eat some candy for me.


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