Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Think you're well read?

Time magaine critics just listed the "All-time 100 novels," the best -- they say -- 100 novels since Time started publishing in 1923.

By my scrupulous count, I've finished 33 (not started and quit as with "Gravity's Rainbow" and "Infinite Jest," but actually finished).

How'd you do? And what novels published since 1923 would you have recommended that didn't make this list?

-Michael K


TBPAC said...

I come up with 27, which I guess ain't so bad. Though I have to say many of those come from AP English and my first year or so of college.

I think there are certainly some missing books here, at least from my personal POV:

American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson
The Great and Secret Show - Clive Barker

I am impressed to see Snow Crash and Neuromancer on that list ... if they're not too pulpy, neither are Barker or Gaiman.

-David J.

Anonymous said...

A mere 10 when you ask for complete honesty in the books I have actually finished. In my youth I was notorious for skimming enough to get me through the class.

When you count the ones I have studied or half read the number is closer to 20. I can tell you all about "Big Brother" what "holding the Conch" will get you in the end, but I still have 1984 and Lord of the Flies on my list to go back and pay the respect of a complete read.

Most of the 10 books I had actually gone back to in adulthood and did them the justice of a complete read. Currently I am re-reading Alice in Wonderland on the same principle.

I would add Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle to the list. Being the Pisces that I am, I am drawn to Bokononism and think the world could learn something from that book.

-Ami C.