Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lavin master class

The first performer in our Club Jaeb series, Christine Lavin, graced us with her wisdom and sage advice yesterday. I was so amazed by the completely captivated audience of faculty, staff conservatory students, ticket holders from the previous night's performance and the general public. It was a fantastic experience that was a blend of her stories and songs and theirs.

Christine is quite an accomplished performer with an impressive resume who did not hesitate to lend her beautiful hand-crafted guitar to one of the students to perform a song he had written. Her unique guitar is featured in Guitar Maker's Canvas, a book highlighting well-crafted guitars. She was very down-to-earth and not only shared honest and earnest advice with the crowd, but also made sure everyone left with a copy of her 31 tips for songwriters and her recipe for Petit Pan Au Chocolat, featured in the song "Sunday Breakfast with Christine (and Ervin)".

She also shared stories of Birdland in NYC and other venues that offer an outlet for songwriters to try out new material and suggested that we start our very own here at the Conservatory.

Afterwards we toured the Center and Patel Conservatory, where she took great joy in observing the Youth Orchestra, Rock School and Classical Ballet rehearsals.

Upon leaving, she made sure to give everyone who helped with the evening a huge hug and a big thanks.

We send a big hug right back to you, Christine!

-Ami C.

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