Tuesday, June 03, 2008

TBPAC is now on Twitter

Now that I've personally had a chance to play on the (in)famous Twitter service for a few months now, I've branched out and created an account for TBPAC. The service seems to be going down a lot these days, which I'll rack up to growing pains which will hopefully work themselves out soon.

The account? You guessed it - TBPAC.

So, if you're a Twitterer. Err, if you tweet. Umm, ok, if you're part of the mighty Twitterati, go ahead and follow us!

I'll admit that this Twitter thing is a bit cooler than I gave it credit for. I remember reading about it, and even checking it out when the service first started getting popular. People would actually be interested in me sending a text message from Starbucks announcing "grabbing latte, i <3 caramel" or "at the mall waiting for iron man to start," really?

I had a hard time seeing the real use when I had so many other p2p tools at my disposal.

But now, that's changed.

I use several social networking applications and I now use Twitter to regularly update almost all of them when I don't have time to create full posts, update my status or anything else. Those 140 character updates really seem to get it done, and keep me active in those places. Twitter updates my status on Facebook, once a day it exports all of my tweets to my LiveJournal account ... handy!

I've turned off the mobile applications for Twitter (you don't even have to activate them). I'm simply not that interested in what my friends are doing enough to get text updates. Sorry, guys.

So anyway ladies and gents, we plan on using this service for the same reasons we're using the others - a fast way to get you the information you want. We can remind folks that a certain show just went on sale, x-post a blog entry here at Culture Shock, point you to an article in a newspaper story, send out a special offer with a promo code.

We're always looking for ways to get people the info they want, the way they want it.

Is there a way that you'd like information that we don't currently take advantage of?



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