Monday, June 30, 2008

Chris Rock plays Morsani Hall 7/2-3

Chris Rock is in town this week and plays Carol Morsani Hall on July 2-3 with his "No Apologies Tour."

I caught his "Black Ambition Tour" a few years back and he had the capacity crowds, including my wife and I, rolling in the aisles. Not only a brilliant comic, I think Rock (like most of the truly great comedians) is an astute social critic as well. I think he catches a little bit of heat from all races who want to claim he's a racist (including his own), but I think when you're offending everyone you must be doing something right. People love it when you're telling jokes about people, as long as you don't happen to fall into the subset of folks being targeted.

Actually, there's always the exception of Stuff White People Like, which any day now should include an entry as to how much white people love Stuff White People Like.

In person, Rock is a very nice, sort of soft-spoken guy. Meet and greets are always awkward, but I was glad I got to be a foot away from him and shake his hand. Not every day you get to rub elbows with the 13th Apostle.

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