Monday, June 02, 2008

The New York Times' Tony Award picks

See them in all their glory right here.

Seems a little bit of contention over whether In The Heights or Passing Strange wins Best Musical and whether either of those shows *should* win.

There's also a lot of love out there for Macbeth (including a nomination for Captain Picard as the brutal, mustachioed Scotsman), August: Osage County, The Seafarer, Boeing-Boeing, Gypsy and South Pacific.

See any of the shows this year? Agree? Disagree?

Discuss ...




Angela L. said...

I saw both In the Heights and Passing Strange. They are VERY different shows and VERY different from what you would expect from a Broadway musical. Heights has much more hip-hop, rap and latin influence where Passing is more rock/blues. I really liked the staging of Passing with the band on stage and placed in retractable boxes that actually sink into the stage. Kinda depends on your style preference.

David J. said...

Summer really went on and on about Passing Strange. Said she wished I could just fly up there for the day to see it because she loved it but thought it would mean a lot more to me than it did her.

I'm also very excited about August: Osage County. I'm a big fan of the Steppenwolf and Tracey Letts in general.

And I'll admit it - it would have been super cool to my nerdy self to see Professor X play the Thane of Cawdor. How many cool parts can one dude get in a lifetime?

Angela L. said...

I didn't get to see August but I heard nothing but amazing things about it. I really wanted to see Gypsy as well w/ Lupone but alas, no such luck.