Thursday, April 17, 2008

We and Wikis are smarter than me

(Warning: Brief business note)

NYC -- A bunch of experts think that a group of people can outsmart you.

Maybe not individually (although, who knows, right?). But, collectively, they can outsmart you.

This philosophy is called "the wisdom of crowds." There's a book by the same name. There's also a new book called "We Are Smarter Than Me."

But this is an arts blog, so let multiple Tony-Award-winning director Mike Nichols say it a different way: "Everybody all together knows everything."

What does this mean in our business? I don't know yet. But you can bet that our patrons will be part of whatever answer we come up with. -- MichaelK

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Angela L. said...

And allow me to add... this is not "group think." The idea Michael is noting is that everyone brings some knowledge and together we know everything, not the that we all think the same. Just wanted to clarify :)