Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tosca Tour

I once tried to “seduce” a man by planning a trip to NYC with him and scheduling all site-seeing around exteriors from the movie Ghostbusters. You might title this attempt as “How nerds date.” He was not nearly as excited as I though he would be. I was crushed. I shared my disappointment with a casual acquaintance shortly thereafter. I explained that I had researched Dana Barrett’s apartment location, that the Ghostbusters headquarters was located in Brooklyn, that the tour really should start on the ground of Columbia with a fifth of something in a bag, followed by running down the steps of the New York City Library and lunch at Tavern on the Green near the patio. Something changed about the way he looked at me from that point forward.

Today marks our two-year anniversary.

So I planned a trip for the wrong guy and got the right guy in the process. You can title that “Nerds in love.”

What made me think of this story was a great travel article that ran yesterday’s Star-Telegram: The Tosca Tour.

Tosca is probably the most “walk-able” opera ever written. Everything occurs in historic buildings in Rome.

I mean, its no Shandar Building (aka Spook Central), but it’s still pretty cool. And if you can’t make it to Rome – Tosca will be here at TBPAC April 25 and 27 – and Ghostbusters can be added to your Netflix queue with a click of the mouse.

-Kari G.

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