Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Witnesses - download page to help the show

We have the new musical The Witnesses is premiering at TBPAC Oct. 13-14. It's from the same highly successful collaboration that's brought shows like David and Rock and the Rabbi to TBPAC again and again.

It looks like they've set up a pretty nifty (and smart) downloads page where folks can go in and print out flyers or posters for distribution at churches, workplaces, community centers etc. as well as PR photos and logo banners for online use.

It's good to good see more local producers latching on to this marketing tool. A lot of the larger Broadway/touring shows as well as our own resident theater company have been using this tool for a few years.

Of course all the good marketing in the world won't make a bad show good, so it's a good thing the creative team of Danny Hamilton and Gary Richardson always seem to turn out a very high quality project.

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