Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

It’s a long way from London to Tampa. But for a theatrical young Brit, the distance between the two cities didn’t seem all that far.

Shaun Kerrison, who is currently hanging out and working at TBPAC as the director of the new production of My Fair Lady, is glad to be back in Tampa – although it’s not exactly the same city he remembers. Some things come back (a building, a restaurant) some things don’t (was it always this hot in September?).

Kerrison has been leading the My Fair Lady company through the rehearsal process here in town for the last few weeks. They’ll give five performances of the show here in Morsani Hall before heading off on a national tour.

As a kid growing up in England, his family became close with a Tampa family living in London. The family friendship allowed Kerrison to spend a couple of his formative summer holidays in Tampa. He even stayed around long enough to attend fall semesters at Horace Mann and Greco Junior High Schools.

All told Kerrison thinks he spent a couple of years in Tampa and he grew to love Florida. And although he’s not exactly sure what, he thinks there is something important he should remember about Sligh Ave., or was if Bearss Ave.? He’s got a few more days in the Florida sun before the company heads off to Pittsburgh … he’ll figure it out.


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