Monday, September 17, 2007

Henry Rollins has been Provoked

Henry Rollins is just one of those guys. A cult icon. One that you either love or hate with a passion, or you have no idea at all who he is.

I've enjoyed his live recordings and show - sometimes called "talking shows," or spoken word or even stand-up - for close to 15 years now I think.

I'm always excited when he comes to TBPAC, and he certainly gives you a show well worth the price of admission. Just Hank, a mic, a stool and a bottle of water. He's alternately hilarious and fierce and simply a master showman.

Here's a blog post from Java Joe, who is equally as stoked about Rollins' tour-opening show in Flagstaff. Here is also a link to an interview our own local REAX Magazine did with Henry.

I keep looking for a blog review of one of his shows, but no dice so far. He's only had two shows, so I guess I need to hold my horses.


Joe Erjavec said...

I enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the link to my blog!


Anonymous said...

I saw him last night here in Orlando, and I'm kicking around the idea of driving out to Tampa tonight. I enjoyed it that much. Not so much of a review, but a few thoughts after the show...