Friday, June 29, 2007

Spike Lee set to direct Stalag 17

Film director Spike Lee is set for his theatrical debut with a revival of Stalag 17 (a 1950s play-come-film that earned William Holden a 1953 Oscar). Even more fascinating, the play will be produced by Michael Abbot, who produced the original production as a 21-year old.

The NYTimes story notes Lee met with Public Theater director George C. Wolfe to get some pointers, and Clive Owens' name has been tossed around for the casting mix.

Fun fact:
many believe that the TV show Hogan's Heroes looted the premise of Stalag 17 for their show. HH took place at a Stalag 13 and featured a daffy and incompetent Sgt. Schultz, Stalag 17 featured a Sgt. Schultz also - who was in league with a spy planted among the prisoners.

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