Monday, June 04, 2007

Clay Aiken - Tampa

Here's my attempt to dispel rumors and put out a few fires re: our upcoming Clay Aiken date. I've been checking out various fan message boards, several of which I can't register for:
  • The Clay Aiken show in Tampa on Aug. 17 is NOT sold out.
  • The fan club and TBPAC presale periods are over. All seats are open for sale to the public.
  • There IS still a 4-ticket limit on any order.
  • We are NOT hiding a bunch of tickets from anyone. When folks call and ask for best available, that's what they'll get.
  • The show is currently a little less than half sold out.
  • We DO anticipate that it will sell.
  • Not to shill, but tickets will only get harder to come by the longer people wait. We are only a 2,500 seat venue.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you might not know, Clay fans were unable to pull up any tickets on the date of the public sale.

Some with tickets, who were curious, were pulling up decent seats at midnight and shortly after, but not accepting them. This was done because something similar happened at another venue on this tour. At that venue, all the best seats were gone before the "official" sale began. Many showed up at broker sites and ebay.

So, there appears to have been some problem during the initial public sale at Tampa that left an incorrect impression. That's how rumors get started.

Thank you for correcting that impression, but you can understand how it occurred.

Looks like a beautiful venue, and I am looking forward to a wonderful show!

David J. said...

A truth about many onsales is that you can guarantee that folks clog phone lines, the window and internet connections all in an attempt to get the best seats.

I have seen people in line at the window, on a wifi laptop and on the phone all at once when a show has gone one sale. A lot of others are at home with a land and cell line and multiple ticketing windows open.

When this happens, particularly with internet ticketing, is that the seats are "held" while the transaction is taking place. If there's a 4-ticket cap, like Clay, and someone has 5 windows open - they are holding 20 seats from view when they'll only be able to buy 4.

When hundreds, or possibly thousands are doing this, it can appear very quickly that a show might be sold out very quickly after it goes on sale.

Of course people get frustrated if 20 minutes into an onsale they can't get seats, and very soon after everyone is saying it's sold out. A lot of the time, truth is it isn't. At least not initially.