Monday, July 02, 2007

Broadway updates & Audra goes Hollywood

For those keeping score, a couple more shows are set to close in the upcoming month.
  • Grey Gardens (July 29) starring Tony Award-winner Christine Ebersole
  • Inherit the Wind has decided not to extend their run past the originally announced July 8

Catch them while you can!

Also, on a slightly different note, the amazingly talented Audra McDonald is headed to Hollywood following her success in 110 in the Shade. She'll be joining the cast of the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off, "Private Practice." I'll be honest, I don't watch "Grey's Anatomy" (I know, hard to believe), but I might have to give this new show a try. The cast looks pretty good and my Wednesday nights are currently available for a new show. My hesitation... since I never watched "Grey's Anatomy" in the first place, how lost in the sauce will I be with the spin-off???


Truffles said...

I will totally dork out as a theater geek and a Grey's Anatomy fan.

First, the spin off looks as interesting as a garden salad - and I could care less - BUT I like to see that the producers of Grey's and the spin off VALUE theater actors. They already hired and gave a huge story line to Tony award winning Sara Ramirez (The original Lady of the Lake in Spamalot).

I see a trend similar to Ally McBeal in the 90's who also sought out and hired theater professionals (Jane Krakowski, Taye Diggs and Jesse L. Martin to name a few).

I. Am. A. Dork.

Angela L. said...

As "interesting as a garden salad"... you have definitely not sold me on this one.

Agreed. It's nice to see so many cross over artists in all genres.

FWIW, it looks like Taye Diggs is cast in this new spin off too.