Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jim Gaffigan - Beyond the Pale

I got this DVD from Netflix the other day and ended up watching it twice before I sent it back. I'd seen bits of his before on Comedy Central, but this was my first whole special of his I'd seen.

I have to say, for a guy that doesn't swear a lot and who revolves most of his act around food - I laughed and laughed through the hour and some minutes.

We're lucky enough to host Jim Gaffigan here at TBPAC on Dec. 9. He's actually just one of many great comedians that we'll host over the next few months. Carlos Mencia has already sold out two shows, we also have Bruce Bruce on Sept. 22 and Demetri Martin on Oct. 22.

Now if we can only ever manage to get Jon Stewart back ...

- David J.

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Angela L. said...

My favorite is the stuff about Hot Pockets. I crack up every time a Hot Pocket commercial comes on and they sing the jingle!