Monday, August 07, 2006

As David mentioned in last Monday’s entry, I’m happily back from a “brief sabbatical” (as I like to reference it) from the TBPAC. During those three months I lived and worked in St. Pete. For those who don’t know the area very well, Tampa Bay separates the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg (editor's note - even though those out of area are probably more accustomed to hearing the area referred to as "Tampa Bay" which we locals all agree is just water). You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about bodies of water in a culture blog. Because in my short three months I met one too many people who refused to venture into Tampa for fear of crossing THE BRIDGE (AKA, the Howard Frankland - yes, that's the correct name). Before I left on “sabbatical” us marketers use to talk about The Bridge Theory, but to experience it first hand ... WOW, it’s truly a reality. I never would have thought there was that many people out there who let a little bridge deter them from experiencing all the culture Tampa has to offer.

So a quick message to all my friends and neighbors in St. Pete … do yourself a favor and brave the bridge! I promise, it’s much shorter than you think, the view is gorgeous (especially at sunrise and sunset) and the cultural rewards at the other end will be worth it!

And my friends in Tampa who don’t like the bridge, the Southbound lanes work well too!

**steps off soap box**

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TBPAC said...

To be fair, it practically takes an act of congress for me to drive to St. Pete.

Perhaps most of it is mental, but I really dislike driving distances, particularly when I usually never drive more than 10 minutes to go anywhere.

Not to mention - have you seen the way these yahoos drive around here?

- David J.