Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New "creative class" website: Oddpodz

I had an interesting link forwarded on to me yesterday for Their introductory email states:

Tampa businesswomen Karen Post and Jocelyn Ring are following in the footsteps of social network sites such as and by launching, an online community dedicated to the Creative Class. released its beta test last week with hopes of capturing the roughly 150 million global Creative Class market.

Their website's About Us page goes on to say:

The concept was birthed during a work/play excursion to New York City in December of 2005 while splitting an incredible piece of flourless, dark chocolate cake and drinking a fine cabernet at Nolita House. Nolita House is a campy joint that feels like a schoolhouse — you can write on the walls, misbehave and drink good vino, nosh on sweet stuff and cook up big ideas. Marc, the owner, is now a best pal.

After the second glass of wine came our epiphany: how cool would it be to have a community for people like us—smart, fun, brave, always curious and a bit odd—where you could express yourself, get inspired, find uncommonly cool things, resources and content, and meet other oddpodz?

So that’s how the story goes. Two chicks who love life, laughing, ethnic food, fashion, sports, dogs, business and creating cool things.

The appear to have a marketplace and a blog up and running as well as areas for profiles/interviews and a "vent" area for people to complain, muse, share their work or do whatever they have to do to get whatever's on their chest off.

Give it a look. If they can keep up with it, it might be habit forming.

- David J.

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