Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Free season tickets?!

Jobsite Theater, TBPAC's resident theater company, is giving away free season tickets to their upcoming 06-07 season. Check out the contest they have on their blog. Who says nothing's ever free!

- David J.

(Disclosure: I'm also Jobsite's Artistic Director.)

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zayna73 said...

Not to sound cheesy, but all Jobsite memories are good ones.
The latest, of course, sticking out in my mind. I had to tell a coworker at work that I was going to the Dr to have my "pickle juice" checked. (No, I'm not pregnant). Ok but that's not what sticks out in my mind.

What sticks out in my mind is the absolute awe I felt walking out of the theater after watching Boys Next Door. Never did I imagine a group of guys could pull that off. (and girls, my hat off to Ami). To this day, I still say "I got my spiderman on" and "free donuts" and "can I have your keys" and lastly, "ladies and gentlemen of the state sneck".

Hands down, favorite performance.
Or was it March of the Kite Flyers.

OH MAN! I just can't pick!!