Wednesday, July 19, 2006

'Avenue' is Quite the thing

"Avenue Q," late of Las Vegas and soon for the U.S. road market, has opened in London in a theater owned by Cameron Mackintosh.

You have to wonder whether the tales of these characters on the edge of society will translate (yes, I know it's still English, but still) to the Brits.

The show, which is sort of Muppet theater for adults and one of the funniest -- and smartest -- shows I've seen in a long time, won the Tony for Best Musical. But instead of touring the country, they opted to play in Vegas for a very long engagement, which turned out not to be not as long as they thought or hoped. Not surprising, really, 'cause it's still Vegas.

It's still a red-hot ticket in New York. London will be another test of its enduring popularity.

Regardless, "Q" will roll American audiences when it begins a long-awaited national tour.

In the meanwhile, you can go to and send Qcards to show people that you Qare.

Disclaimer: The use of the word Muppet above does not in any way constitute approval or endorsement by the company founded by Jim Henson. They're not connected. Really separate. Not even close.

- Michael K.

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