Friday, July 21, 2006

More Twinkies ...

Slasher (writer/director/actor) Kevin Smith is back with "Clerks 2," 10 years after his original slacker film.

Since then, he flopped with "Jersey Girl," starring Ben Affeck and Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as "The Curse of Bennifer," or "Don't Ever Make Movies Using Stars Who Annoy the Heck Out of Us."

In a brief Time interview, Smith said how he'd changed since then. "I'm getting more bald. From the front, you can't pick it up. But when I turn around it's like I'm wearing a skin yarmulke."

He also offered his opinions of his fans.

"They tend to look like me -- boys and girls. We're all very sedentary and we like Twinkies."

- Michael K.

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