Friday, February 03, 2006

They called it "Wonderful!"

The After Wicked After Oz Broadway education initiative was a wonderful experience for so many people.

Pictures are forthcoming, so watch this space! The appreciative comments from Middleton and Blake High School participants and their families just keep on coming! The monologue, poetry and plot summary presentations in TECO Theater were so creative and a cherished experience for all 75 in attendance. Patel Conservatory instructors Leslie Shepard and Yolonda Williams were awarded as honorary Thespians of Middleton High!!

After the presentations, participants and partnership organizations enjoyed the WICKED experience. According to the instructors, 95% of the students (and parents) had NEVER seen a Broadway show in their lives.

Several members of the cast including Stephanie Block (Elphaba) and Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), provided an interview/talk back for the students, teachers and chaperones.
Meanwhile 37 family members and friends joined our public audience by attending Forever Plaid show in the Jaeb Theater.

They too were pleasantly surprised to enjoy a talkback at La Dolce Vita with members of the Forever Plaid cast while waiting on their students to be released from WICKED. A million thanks from the students, faculty, friends and teachers of the After Wicked After Oz project.

To teach is to change a life forever.

- R. Paramoure

Editor's note: Here are excerpts from a few emails we've gotten in response to this event.

I had a fabulous time last night ... It is really hard to say which I enjoyed more - WICKED or seeing how tickled our families were. Some were literally skipping up the Center. I have seen first hand now what wonderful work you do in getting families out that would not have a chance otherwise. Thank you from me and all of our families. - R Bruns, Sylvia Thomas Center for Adoptive and Foster Families

My husband had never been to the Theater in his whole life. And to think, his first time, he got to see our daughter and a really great cabaret show like Forver Plaid. Thanks a Million. - Unsigned

Forever Plaid was excellent!! I only regret my wife was too afraid to play along on the piano when they asked her. Now she wishes she did. - D. Cabrera, parent

Bravo! I think you managed last night’s event incredibly well. I wanted to let you know that the students that Yolanda and I sat with were absolutely blown away by the show and incredibly appreciative of the opportunity they had been given. - Leslie Shepard, Patel Conservatory instructor

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Thank you for updating so often while the Wicked tour is there. I look forward to your pictures!