Thursday, February 09, 2006

Have CULTURE SHOCK delivered to your desktop!

Don’t come to us; we’ll come to you! Did you know that you can sign up for an RSS webfeed (a what?) and have this blog delivered directly to your desktop? Those of you who know this already can ignore me, but for those of you who don’t, check this out. You can download a free RSS reader to your computer and then subscribe to CULTURE SHOCK RSS.

What is RSS webfeed?
In a way, it's a "What's New" that is made available in a format that can be read by any RSS reader (see below for suggested RSS readers). The web feeds contain the latest headlines and descriptions in addition to a direct link to the story on CULTURE SHOCK. So instead of coming to our blog, our blog comes to you.

There are many feed readers available, most for free. You can search Google for "RSS reader" to view many options. A few RSS readers you can try are:

PC users: SharpReader
Mac users: NetNewsWire
Windows/Mac/Linux: Amphetadesk
Web-based reader: BlogLines

OK, I've downloaded the reader, now how do I get CULTURE SHOCK webfeeds?
Setting up a feed differs depending on the reader, but it usually involves copying the URL of the feed and pasting it into the reader. The URL for the CULTURE SHOCK webfeed is

And depending on the reader you choose, you might need to update your computer. Personally, I had to do a Windows update (free, of course) and get the .NET framework installed on my computer to run the RSS reader.

- LeeAnn D.

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