Sunday, July 12, 2009

Audio Description

For the visually impaired, attending the theater can be challenging.  Commonly they bring a sighted friend to "describe" the physical action occurring on stage.

Visually impaired patrons are aware that this could be disturbing to fellow guests, but what option do they have if they want to enjoy the theater?

Enter the TBPAC's Audio Description Program.  Part of our Open Doors program to ensure that all people, regardless of physical challenges, can enjoy the theater.

Our team of audio describers (7 women, 2 men, all local) will be audio describing the first Sunday matinee of every Broadway show next season!  While we were all going through training (yes, I am an audio describer as well, because I need more things to do in my life), John Flemming of the St. Petersburg Times covered our process.  His article appears in the Floridian section of today's paper.

-Kari G.

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