Friday, February 08, 2008

Daniel Tosh - on sale 2/9 at noon!

Comedian Daniel Tosh plays Ferguson Hall on April 5 at 8pm. The show goes on sale this Saturday - tomorrow - at noon.

I spent a chunk of time on YouTube trying to find a video of his stand-up that was clean enough to post on this blog. Wow. That was a challenge.

I ended up finding a clip of him on a radio show, where he actually talks about the difficulty of airing his comedy in the land of very stiff FCC fines. Check it out.

Also, after a bit of digging, it seems many young fans of comedy are dividing up into camps - one who claims Tosh is king, the other who feel that honor belongs to Dane Cook.

I might argue that honor belongs to the likes of Carlin, Pryor, Foxx, Bruce or even Hicks - but maybe I'm showing my age.

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Angela L. said...

I just don't get Dane Cook. I think some of his early stuff was actually funny but now he just seems mad all of the time. Perhaps I don't get it b/c I'm not a teenage/20-something guy.