Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brand-new commands for our texting service!

We've been using our new SMS system, graciously sponsored by Agile Communications, for a few months now and we feel it's a benefit.

We rolled it out with two comands - EVENTS and INFO. If you text EVENTS to the short code 82722 (which spells TBPAC, nifty!), you get back a message with all the shows on stage for that week. Text INFO to TBPAC (82722) and in return you'll get our hours, location, exit info, important numbers and more.

As of today we will begin offering two more commands - NEWS and SAVE.

Text NEWS to TBPAC (82722) and you'll be added to the list to get updates of when we book new shows as well as other important announcements from TBPAC. Say we booked Seinfeld and he goes on sale Friday, or the building needs to shut down for a storm or they shut down the Howard Frankland - we can let you know about it!

Text SAVE to TBPAC (82722) and you'll be added to the list to get hot deals and offers as they become available. There's actually already an offer up, so you can get a deal right now by texting SAVE to TBPAC. Get on the list and SAVE!

There are two other commands. HELP sends you a list of all available commands, and STOP removes your number automatically from the system.

It's important to us we only send you the information you want, and that we stop when you don't want it any longer. We'll also never share your information with anyone.

We're still figuring all this out, but we think it's pretty nifty (even coming from the guy who doesn't text) and has value for our patrons!

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