Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That Marvin's a funny guy

NYC -- We already know that Marvin Hamlisch is a talented composer, and that his first Broadway score was for the long-running "A Chorus Line."

Who knew he was so funny?

Asked to play something for the League of American Theatres and Producers conference, Hamlisch feigned nervousness.

"I approach this with trepidation. I have no idea whether it’s a good piano or a bad piano; I’m sure it’s a good piano, but …

"{Back when we were doing 'A Chorus Line'}, when we needed money from the Shuberts, we had to audition …. I wanted to do 'What I Did for Love,' but Michael {Bennett} said, no, we need money. Do 'Tits and Ass.' So here I am, 15 years at Juilliard, doing 'Tits and Ass. '

"So there’s this piano that has been there for forever. I’m thinking, probably Irving Berlin played there. So I start quietly and then ... the whole piano falls down.

"So, I’ll play today, but not too loud, in case the same thing happens again.

"Being a person who fell in love with Broadway when I went to see the show, 'Gypsy' ... we all agree it’s got the greatest overture ever. Finally, I’ll get a chance to do an overture. So we write this overture {for 'A Chorus Line'}, and we never use it, because the show takes place at an audition."

So, after 30 years, Hamlisch finally gets to play the overture. He finishes to a standing ovation, and points good-naturedly to the still-standing piano. -- Michael Kilgore/TBPAC

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