Monday, April 30, 2007

Once in a Lifetime Experience

When I tell people I work at the performing arts center, I always get the same kind of reaction (“that is so cool!” “that sounds like a fun job” etc.). For the most part, though, it is like any other office job and I love Dilbert as much as the next person.

But every once in a while, something unexpected happens.

Saturday night I came to see the Broadway play Doubt. I had gone to dinner before the show and had leftovers, so instead of leaving them in the car, I decided to go upstairs to my office and put my leftovers in the fridge.

I’m walking along backstage and I run into a co-worker who is asking me if I am coming to see June Bride in the Shimberg, and just as I’m about to answer, Cherry Jones walks out from the dressing room area into the back hallway. I answered that I was coming to see THAT show and pointed at Miss Jones. After that I was at a complete loss for words.

Now, I know that actors are just normal people. I work with a few very talented actors from The Jobsite Theater. I call actors all the time for their biographies for CenterBill. But when it comes to Broadway, I deal with the agents, not the actors.

No matter how long I work here, when a Tony Award-winning actress pops out from back stage in a T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, my mouth is going to hang open and I will stammer like an idiot. It is just inevitable.

I wish I had the presence of mind to actually speak to her.


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David Jenkins said...

Doubt was simply an outstanding show. Simply outstanding. Easily the best piece of theater I have seen in some time.