Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Christmas Story

I originally posted a blog this morning about this movie, a NYTimes article and our event this Friday. Within about half an hour, Angela Lakin also sent me an item for the blog basically covering the same material. My original blog is below, with Angela's contributions following:

I've been a giant fan of A Christmas Story since the first time I saw it, and I can't even tell you when that was. The only other movie I think that predates A Christmas Story as the big holiday movie was Star Wars, and well, I'm just of that age.

I was sent this story today about a guy who bought the bought the house from the movie and turned it into a museum of sorts. Seems the whole town now is starting to get in the act - it's a good read.

Also, I'm pretty sure that WTBS still does the 24 hours of A Christmas Story, for those of you who just can't get enough of such nuggets like "You'll shoot your eye out!"

If you really want to get a jump start on your holidays (I guess it's not even really a jump start, but it still feels early to me somehow), you can come by TBPAC on Friday night for our Holiday Madness sale, where we'll be showing A Christmas Story on the riverwalk. Our last even, The Holy Grail, was very well attended. Grab a blanket and come on down!


My brother, Jon, and I have always loved that movie. Not only because it's a great movie, but because it's educational too. Don’t believe me?
  • Life lesson #1: Tongues stick to cold metal
  • Life lesson #2: BB guns are dangerous
  • Life lesson #3: Swearing = Soap
  • Life lesson #4: Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas
  • Life lesson #5: Bullies have feelings too
  • Life lesson #6: Fuzzy animal PJs are NEVER a good gift…NEVER
  • Life lesson #7 (for the guys): Don't help decorate the house with your "major award." Odds are it's tacky and/or offensive.
- Angela L.

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LeeAnn said...

Want to hear something cool? On a Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco, while walking around town I noticed the "leg lamp" in the window of a store there. No lie. There is was, just like in the movie. Definitely was a retro store. I didn't check the price.