Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Your Basic Opera Update

I haven’t been posting about the opera lately, because I was busy enjoying the opera. Opera Tampa kicked off the 2006-2007 Homes by Helen Opera Series last Friday with Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet. Now that the show has passed, I don’t feel so bad about shamelessly plugging the great reviews by The Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times.

For me personally, I took a date to the opera. He even wore a bow tie and looked a little bit like Daniel Craig after a glass of wine and some squinting. (Squinting to make him look older of course).

It was beautiful, it was romantic, it had swordfights, it had codpieces – it was a great night and you should have been there.

So there.

Okay on to other news in the opera…

This story could be bordering on tedious if it wasn’t getting downright ridiculous. Berlin Opera’s controversial on again/off again production of Mozart’s Indomeneo has kind of - lost its head. More specifically, the prop of Muhammed’s severed head. You know, the item that caused all the problems in the first place? Yep. They can’t find it. Sigh. Updates as they happen.

Famed director Franco Zeffirelli was cheered and showered with roses on the opening night of his new production of Verdi's Aida at La Scala on Thursday night, making his triumphant return after a 14-year absence from the opera house where he first made his mark. Not known for being humble, Zeffirelli claimed it is the best opera La Scala has ever seen. Wow. I’m sure it’s good, but please place this in the same file as John Lennon proclaiming the Beatles to be “More popular than Jesus now.”

Keep it in perspective Frank …

Best press I’ve seen so far on Aida? This BBC slide show – go to slide 7 and witness Donatella Versace make her mark as the best “old produce” La Scala has ever seen.


-Kari G.

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Now the news is all about how the tenor in Aida walked off the stage after being booed in the middle of the show and how his understudy came on in a pair of jeans and black shirt to finish the performance.... talk about drama! Check out the story on