Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Holidays - Pass the Severed Head

It’s not everyday that I get to watch The Daily Show and listen to Jon Stewart talk about opera.

It warms my heart. Then again so does a really good spiced cider with brandy.

Anyway, the controversy behind the Berlin Opera’s production of Mozart’s Indomeneo and its off again/on again production dates have been the fodder for talk shows, 24 hour news stations and newspapers alike. I blogged about it several times.

It just seems like there’s nothing like toting around the severed head of Muhammad and Jesus to get a lively opera discussion going. (Photo from Indomeneo attached)

Deborah Voigt kicked veils in the Lyric’s Salome. Which is cool - but the severed head in that show was of John the Baptist- so who really cares?

Wait a second, what’s with all the severed heads anyway?

Anyway, Mozart’s Indomeneo is on again, so book your flights to Berlin and catch this controversial opera on Dec. 18 and 29. Nothing says the holidays like religious outcry - it’s the “reason for the season” as they say.

I’m sure heads will roll…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

And on a serious note - best wishes to opera star Russell Watson, 39, recovering from emergency brain surgery to remove a tumor. His tour has been postponed but the opera community wishes him a speedy recovery. No, I’m not inserting another bad head pun here.

-Kari G.


Son of Mayor! said...

Ah, K.G., you breathe such a welcome lungfull of twinkling fresh operatic air to this blood-stained table, strewn with neck-trails and germanic warble-scribes. Thank you for bringing your heady sass and severely chuckle-worthy diatribes to the unappreciated ouvre. Well done!

SCOTTY said...

Russell Watson has been through a traumatic time but is now on the mend and his tour is due to start on 25th Feb. He also has a new CD out on 5th March called'THAT'S LIFE'
To read more about Russell please visit his fansite.

Thanks for the good wishes for Russell............

from his fansite in UK.