Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Cabaret: A satisfied customer speaks ...

From an email I received today from Deborah Kobritz in regards to our Christmas Cabaret show, currently playing through Dec. 31 in our Jaeb Theater:
The show was great -- so many songs from my childhood. I have to bring my Mom – I don’t think she will have an opportunity to hear a Christmas concert of such quality anyplace else.


Anonymous said...

Saw the Christmas Cabaret last weekend, and it was excellent!! It was a pleasure to see the season celebrated for all the right reasons, and the performers were outstanding. Brilliant mixture of reverence, parody and just plain old fun produced a welcome experience for all. Merry Christmas to everyone, and kudos to TBPAC for their wonderful treat to us.

Thomas Hill said...

Wow! It's truly a different story when you're able to touch the hearts of other people with your performance. With that, you can really consider yourself good at what you do despite what detractors say. Good service is, after all, making a positive difference, right? That surely is enough to keep you going. I hope that I get to see one of your shows soon, DJ!