Monday, September 18, 2006

This just in: Dvorak fans likely to inhale, drinking makes you money

Thanks to TBPAC's own Angela Lakin for sharing this story with me from BBC news. The story focuses on a study that tried to find out how a person's taste in music linked to their lifestyles. I honestly find it fascinating that they found 1/4 of classical music listeners had tried marijuana, but I'm not at all surprised that fans of musicals came off the tamest of all. I could probably say more, but hey musicals help pay my salary over here, so I probably shouldn't look that horse too far in the mouth.

I'm also reminded of another story I read last week that basically said drinkers earn more money at their jobs than non-drinkers. I think it could also be people with higher paying jobs are driven to drink by the pressure/garbage they endure.

I wonder how many Jon Gruden had last night?

- David J.

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