Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Guys raise over $2,000 for the Tampa Firefighters Museum

Jobsite Theater, resident theater company in the Shimberg Playhouse, stepped onto the Jaeb stage next door to perform a benefit performance of Anne Nelson's The Guys. While final numbers are not ready, they look to have raised over $2,000 for the Tampa Firefighters Museum.

In attendance last night among local firefighters, artists, and those just looking for a way to honor the memory of those who lost their lives that day were Tampa Firefighters Museum board chair Jim Judy and City of Tampa "arts czar" Paul Wilborn. The lobby of the Jaeb stayed full for close to half an hour after the 65-minute performance with the audience talking to actors Paul and Roz Potenza.

Paul and Roz, native New Yorkers who now make Oldsmar their home, brought this play back in late 2001 after they visited their brother, an FDNY trustee, at ground zero. They saw the play in Tribeca's Flea Theater while visiting.

Paul and Roz have a deep connection to this piece (they performed it last in 2003 in the Jaeb theater and at a few area high schools) and the commemorative 9/11 performance was their 3rd and final performance this week of the play. After last night's show Paul told me that he's ready to let it go again until the next time, and is a bit relieved to do so. No matter how much one may love performing a piece like this, it's exhausting work.

Everyone left last night feeling the better for being there. After seeing the numbers this morning, we're even happier that we've raised so much money for a local charity.

- David J.

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